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Jason B.
East Coast Arsenal certainly lived up to all their claims and their brass ran perfectly in my full auto guns. As most know, full autos are fairly expensive and rare and at 600-900 rpm things can go bad quickly. Quality components and proper case sizing are especially critical in open bolt guns like my Uzi and M11/9 where a deformed or over sized case jamming in the barrel can result in firing out of battery and potentially damaging a high dollar firearm. I can wholeheartedly recommend East Coast Arsenal brass and the attention to detail in their product really showed. ...
Kurt L.
It's been a while since I've purchased brass, and when I do it's usually once fired. This means it's almost always unprocessed range pick up brass, but the East Coast Arsenal 9mm brass I received was beautiful. I knew that it would be processed, but what I received exceeded my expectations. The brass (several different head stamps) was extremely clean, and slick, even the primer pockets looked new. The brass loaded smoothly and the end product looked like brand new factory rounds. I had high expectations going in, and this brass exceeded them.
Chris M.
I was very impressed with how bright and clean the brass was... It looked almost brand new. My only complaint was that the primer pockets were dirty. Not sure but the primers looked like they are taken out after cleaning . So I grabbed my rcbs case prep center and took care of the pockets. I was very impressed how clean the brass was. I also clean my own brass and can not get mine as clean :) I had no problems reloading the brass and would definitely recommend east coast arsenal for your brass needs.
Gregory M.
Overall this brass is good. The sizing is very very uniform and it loads great. The primer pockets all accept easy. Cleaning could be stepped up some. The price is a little high but then again this does save people a lot of time in prep work. Even more so for people like me on a single stage.
Nicholas B.
The brass I received was top quality, all of it loaded easy and cycled perfectly when being fired. I will recommend to anyone shopping for brass!
Christian S.
East Coast arsenal makes a quality product, every casing I received was well within SAAMI spec. I reloaded the casings several times and saw no sign of brass fatigue. I intend to buy my future brass from these guys. You can have 100% confidence in their product.
Dan H.
Overall this was a great product for me. Being new to reloading, it was nice to shorten the process by starting with clean brass. The few pieces that were out of spec were a non-issue. Being interested in pursuing IDPA competition, I'm happy to have had a good experience with East Coast Arsenal brass.
James R.
Brass was delivered fast and in quality packaging. Extra pieces (514 in 500ct bag) were included to account for any unusable cases. Brass loaded and shot well with a charge of 4.4gr of Titegroup and a 115gr plated bullet with a COAL of 1.155". A few of the cases were sized too long (longest was .758"), but overall the brass and processing seemed good and I would not hesitate to purchase from this company in the future.
Ken E.
Was very pleased with the brass. Loading process went smoothly and had no problems with firing. Looking forward to loading more and will definitely order more in the future. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to review your brass.
Sean M.
Clean processed brass that requires nothing before reloading. Primer pockets were some of the cleanest and smoothest I have seen. Primes like butter and worth it for that alone. Would buy again once this brass reaches end of life.

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The superiority of our brass has no contest. It has been mistaken time and time again for brand new brass. This is no mistake as our preparatory cleaning solution is the key. The shine and color of our cases can’t be matched. We sell only the best processed brass to all of our customers whether they are manufacturers or re-loaders. For the best the market has to offer browse our site today.


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We at East Coast Arsenal are here to fulfill all your brass needs. From our Miami location we carry our business through out the country so no matter where you are we will always deliver. We not only sell to our re-loaders but also to manufacturers through the USA.
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